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From Get Ready to Fly...

Money doesn’t change you; it reveals you. I’m not downing success. We all love a good come-up story.  But coming up involves a change in both internal and external atmospheric pressure and not everyone is prepared to handle it. In today’s rise and grind world, everybody wants to be a star, and with the use of social media, everybody can be.  Gone are the days of waiting to be discovered.  Our futures are in our own hands now.  We can upload YouTube videos, launch podcasts, go live on Facebook and Instagram to an immediate global audience. In my writing career, I received one rejection letter and decided to self-publish. Who wants to wait? There is money to be made and fame to be had. But how do we ensure the success we're building won't be the worst thing that ever happened to us or our families?"
"I don’t know what they want from me.  It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see." From The Notorious B.I. G. “Mo Money Mo Problems”
Avoiding success is not the way to avoid pressure. 

Untapped potential can make you miserable and haunt you to death. Don’t put yourself in bondage to fear by attempting to avoid the stress of success. As my best friend, Linda says,
“I’ve been bound, and I’ve been free. Free is better.” Furthermore, the whole world suffers when we fail or refuse to fulfill our purpose. Don’t forfeit your win because of what comes with it.
Here’s What People Are Saying...
"Pam Ross has a transformative ability to help people, willing to learn, adjust their present for the safeguarding of their future. In her newest book, “Get Ready to Fly,” she expertly empowers the reader to liberate themselves to soar into the future God designed for their life."
Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III
Global Senior Leader, The All Nations Collective
"Dr. Ross is so engaging, authentic, and smooth in her delivery of truth in this book. It inspires one to want to do more and then some."
Veola Davis,
Independent Mary Kay Sales Director
"The context and content of this book are relevant, captivating, and easily applicable. We love the way Pam uses the flight metaphor to explore the steps needed to soar high and soar well!"
RAII & Whitney
Husband and Wife team. Singers, Songwriters, Producers, and Coaches
"In her compelling new book, Dr. Ross decodes the journey of success, in an uncomplicated, yet deeply captivating language."
Pastor Hart Ramsey
Founder, Northview Christian Church
"Dr. Pam’s latest book “Get Ready To Fly” is a valuable prophetic resource for those that are serious about leaving their mark on the earth. As you read,  “Get Ready To Fly”, you will see yourself in its pages and locate where you are in your preparation process, in a measurable, practical way."
Prophet Kevin Leal
"Dr. Pam Ross does it again in Get Ready to Fly! She's witty, brilliant and shares practical stories that hit home with powerful illustrations to shift hearts and mindsets!"
Coach Anna McCoy
Anna McCoy Global Ventures, LLC
“Get Ready to Fly” is yet another extension of her natural passion, helping, and healing people. This book will take you on a journey that not only causes you to face your limitations but gives you the strategies to dismantle them."
David S. Winston
Youth Pastor, Living Word Christian CenterDirector, Bill Winston MinistriesFounder, Winston Leadership Institute
"This book is a must have and must hand-down even to coming generations. We all can fly but flying well is what's most profiting."
Bidemi Mark-Mordi
Pastor, The Well Oasis Int'l and Life Coach
"Dr. Pam Ross has carefully, practically and reasonably put together tools that all can engage with to forcefully lay hold of success." 
Elijah Israel Chanak 
Founder, CEO & President, Elijah Chanak International
Want To Know More?

The Get Ready To Fly Personal Flight Guide

Take your personal jet to success! We’ve heard more than a few tragic stories of “death by success.”  Athletes who go pro, only to lose it all to drug addiction. Musicians who make it to the top and leave us all too soon, choosing suicide to escape the pressures of fandom.  Politicians who honorably served their local community, but left a legacy of scandal to the global community.  I’m sure you can name at least one person in your world who crashed and burned under the pressure caused by sudden elevation.  Some of us are those people!

In this Personal Flight Guide, Pam Ross brings you the life application for the book, Get Ready to Fly, preparing your soul to soar. Through a series of questions, Pam coaches the reader in doing the deep work required to ensure a safe departure into the life of our dreams.


Wheels UP Journal

Record your thoughts and release your creativity with the Wheels Up Journal. Studies prove that journaling is therapeutic particularly for high-capacity people.. This journal is customized with motivational quotes from Pam to help you...

* Navigate Transitions
* Calm Emotions
* Increase Self-awareness
* Manage Stress
* Activate Gratitude
* Recover from Trauma


Meet Dr. Pam Ross

Pam Ross is an Inspirer with a powerful ability to identify and activate the genius in others.  She is a multiplier who has led hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals to dramatically increase their personal leadership and team-building ability.

“Our greatest wealth is found in people who find the courage to discover and embrace who they really are.”

Pam uses various forms of media to reach a global audience with her dynamic message of serving, leading and loving.  She is the author of Serving, Leading and Loving, a survival guide for Kingdom leaders, the Serving, Leading and Loving personal development guide, The Force of Joy, building an unstoppable you and 30 Days of Joyful Meditation.  Pam is the host of The Culturalist, Conversations with Pam Ross, Podcast.  

Pam is the president and lead trainer of Kingdom Leadership Development, a non-profit training and consulting organization.  She is also Executive Director of Culture and Engagement for the All Nations Collective, a network of over 50 progressive churches.  

Visit for books and resources by Pam Ross

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Get Ready to Fly FAQs
"When will I receive my book?"
Books ordered before January 3 will be SIGNED  and shipped mid January, 2021. Books ordered after January 3, 2021 will be shipped from Amazon.
"Are the Flight Guide and Journal sold separately?"
Yes, each resource is sold separately.
"How will I receive the leadership bonuses?"
Links to download the Leadership Bonuses will be sent via email.
"Where do I register my book club?"
You can register you book club here.
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If your desire is to rise higher and ascend to greater heights in life, this book is the wisdom you need to safely arrive at your next destination!
Let’s sober up, buckle up, and Get Ready to Fly!

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